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We are often employed during the early stages of new digital projects across many industries and disciplines. Due diligence more often than not dictates that research and planning be properly conducted ahead of committing full scale time and resource to a production.

We work with companies to develop ideas and concepts into meaningful, and more importantly, actionable project briefs. Taking this a step further, when required, we use our knowledge and experience coupled with multiple research techniques across multiple channels to gather quantifiable evidence to the fact or contrary that a project is feasible.

Understanding a project in it’s entirety is essential to successful planning and delivery. With staff from both marketing and project delivery backgrounds we draw on many years of experience all the way from both project inception, to realisation and review. This wide reaching understanding is naturally instilled throughout our every-day efforts on client work and should offer confidence when embarking on new projects.

Digital Strategy & Research
Digital Research

When working in emerging markets a new idea will often lack existing ‘known’ facts about it’s specific value. We work closely with clients to plan and conduct explorative digital research across multiple channels to fill in the blanks. We collate the data and produce reports with meaningful insights derived from the figures.

The value of early research phases is felt throughout the entire project lifecycle. Often the information gathered can be used not only for evolving ideas and feasibility studies, but also later stages such as marketing campaign planning and overall digital strategy.


Minimum viable product; the benefit with digital projects is the relatively small delivery times on basic yet functional tests. There is no better way of trialling ideas than having real customers use real features. This can seem like a drastically different approach for more traditional businesses, but the benefits often outweigh the risk.

As an example, building a taste of a key (representational of the overall intention) aspect of a project and presenting it to real end-users can quickly identify possible short comings and potential improvements that would otherwise not be identified until much further down the project lifecycle. These early insights offer the ability to minimise risk and therefore improve ROI.

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The world of Digital is an ever-changing landscape with technology disrupting organisations and leading to well-established business models needing to be re-thought to cater for the demands of digital world.

Change also brings opportunity and Uprated’s team are experts at planning, creating and delivering digital strategies for our clients, helping them to  accelerate growth and transforming their brands and businesses for success in the digital world.

We leverage the full breadth of Uprated’s digital capabilities – from analytics and insight, to bespoke development and integration – to develop unique strategic insight and actionable recommendations.

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Whether it’s early stage research or full blown digital strategy, we would be happy to offer advice.

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