Bespoke online retail

At Uprated we understand that for businesses, ecommerce is an intimidating and complicated technology to master. That’s why we’ve spent years getting into the data and tools, so we can help our clients reach the sales and goals they expect.

If you are considering a new business or enhancing an existing one, we will assist you to create a successful online retail presence that not only looks great, but delivers results and a measureable return on investment.

We specialise in the Magento E-Commerce platform and will typically develop e-commerce sites using this powerful, enterprise level platform.

Strategy & Objectives

We don’t like to jump into creating our projects, especially with ecommerce. As with everything we do – data and research come first.

We look at your target audience to determine the right steps to take and we look into your business to see if there’s anything we can help improve along the way.

Payment & Security

A core consideration when selling online is security. As a company dealing with other peoples personal and payment data it is your responsibility to adhere to various standards including laws such as the data protections act. We aim to advise upon and implement systems that cater for these requirements where ever necessary.

Beyond the security aspects, there are more and more payment systems becoming available each year. As part of our planning process we review your anticipated usage and advise on the best provider for your business’ needs when selling online.


An e-commerce project does not end at the complete site. So often we see failing web shops because the providers have not planned for or implemented a means of driving customers and sales.

As part of a wider reaching digital strategy, from day one of a project we will planning how best to grow a customer base after site-live. It is important to  make sure that there is a genuine return on investment in sight when embarking on web based commerce.

Selling online?

Create a successful online retail presence.

Whether it’s a new business or updates to an existing one, get results and recognition online.

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