Conversion Rate Optimisation

Actionable insight from statistical significance

Insight & Conversion Rate Optimisation

In web terms, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) has been around for a while. In some ways it is the forefather to the accelerated emergence of ‘Big Data’ in recent years, as companies become more attuned to the wide reaching value of identifying statistical significance within their data.

More specifically, CRO is the bridge between abstract figures in the form of charts and tables and improving the ability a site has to meet its primary objective (in commercial terms at least) of converting users into customers.

With our focus on statistics and user insight, it is a natural progression to take this knowledge a step further and make actionable decisions toward improving a website’s success.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our Approach

  • Analytics Insight Audit

    An Analytics Audit takes a close look at existing data and identifies potential issues

  • Insight Collection

    Specialist tools and techniques allow us to collect detailed user insight

  • Define Issues - Plan Tests

    Issues have been identified and proven as problems. Conversion tests are then planned

  • A/B CRO Testing

    Using A/B or multivariate testing, we test new improved versions of existing pages

  • Report Results - Deploy Enhancements

    Results of the test are produced – proven improved solution is then deployed

  • Reporting, Measurement & Optimisation

    Further tests are completed with ongoing reports, measurement and continued optimisation

Google Analytics Consultancy
Analytics Insight Audit

Before any CRO project can begin we will typically carry out an Insight Audit and Analytics Health Check to intially validate that data being recorded is accurate and also look for clues within the data that highlight potential issues.

Google Analytics Audit & Healthcheck
Insight Collection

We’ve identified issues within the data, now it is time to prove that these issues are impacting conversion.  We implement specialist online consumer insight tools including consumer surveys, exit surveys, online usability and heat maps to prove barriers exist.

Identify Issues
Define Issues & Plan Tests

We’ve proven that issues and barriers exist – we now list, define and prioritise the issues and plan for improvements to be tested and proven prior to implementation.

AB Testing & CRO
A/B CRO Testing

We have a list of prioritised proven issues, we now need to plan specific optimisation (A/B tests) tests to run using specialist software – this allows us to test different solutions and prove the results prior to deploying improvements.  This process removes the guess work and allows us to plan for proven optimisation.

Technical SEO Audit
Report Results – Deploy Enhancements

Once our CRO tests have been completed we report on the results of each individual test and then plan for deploying the proven enhancements to the website.

Social Media Monthly Reporting
Reporting, Measurement & Optimisation

A CRO project will typically include many tests – each successfully deployed enhancement is carefully monitored and regularly reported on. This helps us to ensure improvements perform as expected and for us to measure and report on success!

We take away the guess work with optimisation

Small, proven changes lead to big rewards.

We work with clients to improve online performance & drive conversion. Contact us find out more.

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